Semaine 1

Jour Émission Line-up Gagnant
Samedi 1er août Show! Music Core 690 Soyou, Jessi, Eric Nam, APRIL, ATEEZ, WayV, Huh Chanmi, Jeong Sewoon, AB6IX, Jeon Somi, 1THE9, TOO, E'LAST,XRO, Han Gavin, BOYHOOD [1] SSAK3 - Beach Again [2]
Dimanche 2 août Inkigayo 1058 XRO, Sook Haeng, E’LAST, Weeekly, TOO, 1THE9, WayV, AB6IX, Jeong Sewoon, ATEEZ, Jessi, Eric Nam, Somi, APRIL, Soyou [3] Hwasa - Maria

Semaine 2

Jour Émission Line-up Gagnant
Mardi 4 août The Show 234 1TEAM, ATEEZ, BOYHOOD, MustB, TOO, WayV, Makamaka, SATURDAY, Soyou, Eric Nam, APRIL, Jang Hyeri, Huh Chanmi, Hong Eunki [4] ATEEZ - INCEPTION
Mercredi 5 août Show Champion 365 Soyou, APRIL, Eric Nam, WayV, ATEEZ, TOO, Huh Chanmi, Ahn Yeeun, Hong Eunki, 1TEAM, YUKIKA, E'LAST, SATURDAY, MustB, MAKAMAKA [5] ATEEZ - INCEPTION
Jeudi 6 août M!Countdown 677 Kang Daniel, Rocket Punch, BOYHOOD, Sandeul, SATURDAY, Soyou, (G)I-DLE, Eric Nam, ATEEZ, APRIL, 1TEAM, ENOi, XRO, Jeon Somi, Jessi, Cherry Bullet, TOO, Hong Eunki, Huh Chanmi [6] Somi - What You Waiting For
Vendredi 7 août Music Bank Diffusion annulée [7]
Simply K-pop 426 APRIL, Eric Nam, KEEMBO, TOO, Pink Fantasy, Hong Eunki, 1TEAM, ENOi, SATURDAY, E’LAST, Huh Chanmi, BOYHOOD, MAKAMAKA
Samedi 8 août Show! Music Core Pas de diffusion [7]
Dimanche 9 août Inkigayo 1059 XRO, TOO, SATURDAY, ENOi, Rocket Punch, 1TEAM, TREASURE, Cherry Bullet, ATEEZ, Somi, (G)I-DLE, Eric Nam, Jessi, Kang Daniel, Soyou, APRIL Hwasa - Maria [8]

Semaine 3

Jour Émission Line-up Gagnant
Mardi 11 août The Show 235 (G)I-DLE, 1TEAM, ATEEZ, ENOi, MustB, Kang Daniel, Rocket Punch, MAKAMAKA, SATURDAY, Ahn Yeeun, Eric Nam, APRIL, Cherry Bullet, HEDY, Huh Chanmi, Hong Eunki [9] Kang Daniel - Who U Are [10]
Mercredi 12 août Show Champion 366 Rocket Punch, (G)I-DLE, Cherry Bullet, Kang Daniel, APRIL, ATEEZ, Eric Nam, Kang Taekwan, Huh Chanmi, Hong Eunki, 1TEAM, ENOi, HEDY, GreatGuys, SATURDAY, MAKAMAKA [11] (G)I-DLE - DUMDi DUMDi [12]
Jeudi 13 août M!Countdown 678 ONF, (G)I-DLE, Han Seungwoo, Park Jinyoung X Sunmi, ATEEZ, Rocket Punch, Cherry Bullet, LUCY, MAKAMAKA, MustB, Brave Girls, APRIL, E'LAST, 1TEAM, ENOi, Chun Myunghoon, Hong Eunki [13] (G)I-DLE - DUMDi DUMDi [14]
Vendredi 14 août Music Bank 1040 Jessi, Kang Daniel, Soyou, (G)I-DLE, ATEEZ, APRIL, WayV, Cherry Bullet, Eric Nam, Rocket Punch, Ahn Yeeun, 1TEAM, ENOi, TOO, Sook Haeng, SATURDAY, ZINIGO, XRO Hwasa - Maria [15]
Simply K-pop 427 Eric Nam, APRIL, KEEMBO, Pink Fantasy, 1TEAM, SATURDAY, Ahn Yeeun, Hong Eunki, Yukika, Jang Hyeri, BOYHOOD, MAKAMAKA, MustB
Samedi 15 août Show! Music Core 691 Park Jinyoung & Sunmi, HYO, Han Seungwoo, (G)I-DLE, ONF, Kang Daniel, Cherry Bullet, Rocket Punch, TREASURE, APRIL, ATEEZ, 1THE9, Choi Myunghoon, KEEMBO, ENOi, HEDY, LUCY [16] Kang Daniel - Who U Are [17]
Dimanche 16 août Inkigayo 1060 LUCY, HEDY, ENOi, Brave Girls, Rocket Punch, TREASURE, Cherry Bullet, ATEEZ, ONF, Kang Daniel, Han Seungwoo, Jessi, APRIL, Hyoyeon, Park Jinyoung X Sunmi, SATURDAY (G)I-DLE - DUMDi DUMDi [18]

Semaine 4

Jour Émission Line-up Gagnant
Mardi 18 août The Show Pas de diffusion [19]
Mercredi 19 août Show Champion 367 Épisode spécial : ATEEZ, GFRIEND, TWICE, IZ*ONE, Lim Youngwoong, TOO, Dreamcatcher, CRAVITY, ASTRO, WOODZ, Oh My Girl, N.Flying, APRIL, VERIVERY, (G)I-DLE, TXT, Kang Daniel, MONSTA X, Ryu Sujeong, Soyou [20] (G)I-DLE - DUMDi DUMDi [21]
Jeudi 20 août M!Countdown 679 DONGKIZ, Dreamcatcher, LUCY, Rothy, Rocket Punch, Park Moonchi, SATURDAY, (G)I-DLE, MCND, ONF, ONEUS, 1TEAM, IDIOTAPE, ENOi, ITZY, Cherry Bullet, Han Seungwoo, Hyolyn [22] (G)I-DLE - DUMDi DUMDi [23]
Vendredi 21 août Music Bank 1041 (G)I-DLE, 1TEAM, DONGKIZ, ENOi, ITZY, LUCY, MCND, DreamCatcher, Rocket Punch, Brave Girls, SATURDAY, ONF, ONEUS, ZINIGO, Cherry Bullet, VICTON’s Han Seung Woo, HEDY, Huh Chanmi [24] Hwasa - Maria
Simply K-pop 428 Han Seungwoo, Pink Fantasy, SATURDAY, Rocket Punch, Great Guys, Brave Girls, Dreamcatcher, (G)I-DLE, DONGKIZ, Eok-G & Jo-G, HEDY, Huh Chanmi
Samedi 22 août Show! Music Core 692 Yang Junil, Capsai Shin, Super Five, Hyolyn, Dreamcatcher, ITZY, ONEUS, DONGKIZ, MCND, Han Seungwoo, ONF, (G)I-DLE, Cherry Bullet, Rocket Punch, TREASURE, ENOi, LUCY [25] SSAK3 - Beach Again [26]
Dimanche 23 août Inkigayo 1061 LUCY, SATURDAY, ENOi, Rocket Punch, TREASURE, DONGKIZ, Kim Yeonja, MCND, Brave Girls, 1TEAM, Cherry Bullet, ONEUS, ONF, (G)I-DLE, Dreamcatcher, Han Seungwoo, ITZY, Jessi [27] (G)I-DLE - DUMDi DUMDi

Semaine 5

Jour Émission Line-up Gagnant
Mardi 25 août The Show Diffusion annulée [28]
Mercredi 26 août Show Champion 368 ITZY, Hyolyn, ONF, Dreamcatcher, ONEUS, Jeon Jiyoon, Cherry Bullet, Rocket Punch, DONGKIZ, Brave Girls, 1TEAM, HEDY, SATURDAY, LUCY, BOTOPASS, BLASTAR [29] ITZY - Not Shy [30]
Jeudi 27 août M!Countdown Pas de diffusion [31]
Vendredi 28 août Music Bank 1042 ITZY, ATEEZ, CRAVITY, DONGKIZ, ENOi, KARD, LUCY, MCND, NTX, OnlyOneOf, Kim Yeonja, Dreamcatcher, Rocket Punch, Eric Nam, ONF, ONEUS, Jenyer, Jo Jungmin, Cherry Bullet.[32] ITZY - Not Shy
Simply K-pop 429 Rocket Punch, Dreamcatcher, Jeon Jiyoon, DONGKIZ, Brave Girls, Kim Janghoon, Choi Myunghoon, 1TEAM, 3YE, HEDY, Hong Eunki, ENOi, DUSTIN-ON, BOTOPASS, NTX
Samedi 29 août Show! Music Core 693 KARD, CRAVITY, ITZY, Kim Yeonja, Hyolyn, Eric Nam, ONF, Dreamcatcher, ATEEZ, ONEUS, Cherry Bullet, ENOi, DONGKIZ, OnlyOneOf, Rocket Punch, MCND, LUCY, NTX [33] BTS - Dynamite [34]
Dimanche 30 août Inkigayo 1062 NTX, SATURDAY, ENOi, 3YE, CRAVITY, 1TEAM, MCND, OnlyOneOf, Rocket Punch, DONGKIZ, Cherry Bullet, ONEUS, ATEEZ, ONF, Dreamcatcher, KARD, Eric Nam, ITZY BTS - Dynamite [35]
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